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Top 5 Remodeling and Design Trends for 2019

Are you gearing up to do some remodeling work in 2019? Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to design your perfect living space. Whether you prefer a modern kitchen with clean lines or a traditional bathroom with Carrara Marble, St Louis Renovators has the top design trends for 2019. We would love to help inspire you and make your dreams into a reality!

The home remodeling website Houzz has released its 2019 forecast, which is derived from its 40 million users and remodeling expert pros. (St Louis Renovators has a profile on Houzz as well!) This forecast will help guide you on your way to creating the perfect space for your home!

1. Full Wall Backsplash

Picture Courtesy of Houzz

Up - Up - And Away!! As you can see here, people are continuing the tile work all the way up! It creates so much height and draws the eye up - which makes the ceiling feel higher and the room feel more spacious.

2. Destination Tubs / Free Standing Tubs

Need we say more? The days of the shower/bathtub combo are gone. Free standing tubs are here to stay! If you're anything like me, and you love a good soak in the tub, this will be spectacular news. Bathrooms are become more spa-like in 2019. Carrara marble, custom shower niche, knee wall, custom vanity...Who wouldn't like that?!

3. Kitchen Bench Seats

Kitchen bench seating provides a Bistro-like atmosphere that adds sophistication to any kitchen space, both large and small. Whether you opt for custom built-in bench seating or prefer padded furniture benches that can be more economical, this look will make anyone feel content and relaxed. If you opt for built-ins, you can also add hidden storage under the seat.

4. Floating Wood Vanities

Picture Courtesy of Houzz

Both floating vanities and wood vanities are hot in 2019. The rich walnut finish of this vanity perfectly compliments the dark floors and white subway tile. This bathroom is welcoming and modern, without seeming stark or bare. The warmth of the gold finishes is the perfect touch.

5. Dark and Moody Paint Colors

Picture Courtesy of Houzz

Dark paint doesn't have to be scary! It can be nerve-wracking to try a dramatic color on an entire wall, but if you get it right it's worth it. Houzz predicts that homeowners will lean toward darker and moodier colors for their walls - like navy or forest green - in 2019. While light and bright is definitely still in, you can integrate dark colors with lighter accents (trim, furniture, etc.) to keep your house from looking like something out of the Addam's Family. With the correct interior design, dark walls can add a ton of character and sophistication to any home.

Conclusion: There are so many ways to update your home. These changes can be economical or costly, but they're almost ALWAYS worth the time and money. It's important for people to love the home they walk into every night!

Remember that at St Louis Renovators, we are there for you every step of the way - from design to finishing touches - to make your home the perfect space for YOU. Our joy is to see you joyful!

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Dec 08, 2020

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