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Can You Find Your Contractor on Instagram?

These are a few pictures I have posted on #instagram of my most recent master bathroom renovation. Does your contractor use social media?

By and large, social media has not become commonplace in the construction/general contractor circles....yet. That's mostly due to the fact that contractors and construction companies are headed up by people who don't use social media as much as younger generations do. If you're anything like me, I check out reviews on almost EVERYTHING prior to using it. Doctors, restaurants, household products, you name it - we use social media and google to see whether or not it's worth using or buying.

The first bonus of a contractor who uses social media is that you can see exactly what they're up to every day. Are they working on-site? Do they respond to comments (i.e. are they accessible)? Some people have a gripe because their contractor is there one day, gone the next. They can come around for one week, then not show up for a week or two. This is understandably very frustrating! Regular social media posts can help solve that mystery.

Next, you can also quickly find out if you like the quality of their work and if you think their personality might be good fit with you. Personality is more important than you think when you're looking for a contractor! This is someone who is going to be in your house for a good period of time! So make sure it's somebody you can get along with!

Finally, social media (and an internet presence in general) holds contractors (or any business for that matter) accountable. Customers can leave positive or negative reviews of a company or contractor they hired very easily, so contractors must make sure to follow through to keep their clients satisfied. If contractors are held to a higher level of accountability, it will raise the bar for the entire industry which, in my opinion, is a very good thing!

Finally, while the amount of "likes" or "followers" isn't everything, it is a good indication of how long the company has been established.

Next time you're looking for a contractor make sure you look to see if they're on social media! Here is the St Louis Renovators Instagram Feed if you would like something to compare to!

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