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Custom Butcher Block Countertops, The New Granite

So lately I've been seeing more and more of my clients wanng to use materials that don't break the bank but look elegant and expensive. One wonderful addition to any kitchen remodel would be custom butcher block counter tops.

No one wood is better than the other for the top, but generally you want something more durable, like a hard wood, such as Cherry, Walnut, or Maple. A more durable wood will be able to take some wear-and-tear than a soft wood.

In my opinion, I love the look of a finished maple top on top of some colored cabinets. Maybe some dark blue or light gray custom cabinets.

The trick to the custom wood countertops is deciding what kind of sink you'd like to use. Typically I've seen a lot of wood countertops fitted with farm house sink, that style is always classic looking. Lately I've seen stainless steal sinks used in the application which I'm starting to love as well.

So if you're shopping around for different types of countertops for your next kitchen remodel, consider using a wooden butcher block top. If you're looking for custom wood countertops St Louis Renovators can help you install any size or shape, so give us a call!

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