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Bathroom Renovation Cost: A Breakdown

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Bathroom renovations make up a large majority of the projects we do every year. With so many selections and options to choose from, fixtures, tiles, faucets, vanities, glass, mirrors, hardware, it can become overwhelming very quickly. But not worry, here are some steps to take and things to consider before diving head first into a bathroom remodel.

First thing is first: BUDGET. It's a taboo word in my industry, when I mention the word budget to people I immediately see there mind spinning. Are they thinking,

"If I tell him my budget then he will know how much I can pay and that will be the amount he'll ask for?"

Not at all. The reality is you can only afford what you can afford. Not everyone can have the Trump style gold plated toilets. Determining your budget will give you the confidence you'll need when shopping around for a good contractor. It will also determine how and what you can and can do on your project. The reality is, bathrooms can cost a lot of money, typically a bathroom we remodel in Missouri will cost on average $15,000. That's pretty standard for a full gut bathroom. By full gut I mean, demoing everything down to the studs, running new plumbing, electric, insulation, resheetying the walls, waterproofing, tile work, shower doors, and installing all the finishes. Its a lot of work and can easily take three weeks to complete, especially if done right. So knowing your budget will determine what finishes and how you finish the project.

For instance, tile work can be very expensive especially when it comes to the material. It has such a wide range in price from $1 to $30 a square foot or even higher at times! So maybe picking out a nicer porcelain tile will save you $2,000 and can lower the total cost to fit inside your budget.

This goes for most finishes in a bathroom remodel, vanities, faucets, fixtures, glazing, all things that can be done cheaper but still done the right way.

So there are lots of ways to work within any budget for a bathroom remodel, but the first step is determining your budget and sticking with it. Once you have this you and your contractor can have a real discussion about the process and how best to tackle your project.

Marble tile walk-in shower with glass, custom niche, and bench seat | St Louis Renovators
Marble tile walk-in shower with glass, custom niche, and bench seat by St Louis Renovators

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