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#KeepCraftAlive with St. Louis Renovators

At St. Louis Renovators we are dedicated to the #KeepCraftAlive movement as a home remodeling and renovation contractor in St. Louis, MO. In today's prefabricated world, true craftsmanship is rare. People fill their homes with items that may look pretty, but are not made to last the test of time. New subdivisions can be built in a matter of weeks, but they are mapped out and executed in the manner of a barracks.

At St. Louis Renovators we harken back to the days when carpentry was a type of artistry. Think of the mansions built on Lindell Ave for the 1904 World's Fair. The custom woodworking, moulding, and paneling presented a culture that respected the artistry in custom home building. At that time, every detail was attended to and the people who hired contractors gave them the time and space needed for them to create a gorgeous finished product.

Like the #KeepCraftAlive movement, St. Louis Renovators strives to invigorate the construction industry and home improvement industry with the respect they deserve. During a Kitchen Remodeling or Bathroom Renovation project, we treat each project with the attention it deserves. We forge close customer relationships which foster trust. This trust allows us to maintain the highest of standards on each and every project.

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