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How much will tiling a shower or floor cost?

Updated: May 30, 2018

There are several contributing factors to the cost of tiling a shower:

1. The cost of the tile you pick - this can range from $ to $$$

2. The size of the space that needs to be tiled

3. The waterproofing system - we prefer the Kerdi System

4. Typically, you can expect the price of tiling to be around $12 per square foot.

One of the most frequent projects St Louis Renovators does is tile work, particularly in bathrooms. No one material is better than the other, but when there are some factors that should be discussed. When talking about bathroom remodeling cost St Louis Renovators is able to use the above formula to help guide you on your way to a quality tile project.

* There are several different types of tile that are available to use. Most everything form porcelain, ceramic, to marble and stone. Marble is typically the most costly mainly because it has the "realist" look. Everything else is designed to look like marble and natural stone, without breaking the bank. In this picture you see below, we used a porcelain that mimics the look of marble for a fraction of the cost. Porcelain is a very durable and hard material, and every year they are coming out with more and more different patterns to choose from.We like using the Tile Shop to get our materials.

For this install you'll notice all the brown wedges, this system has single handily changed the way we do our tile work now. Before, we would spend hours leveling each piece and adjusting as we went, with this system by Raimondi, installation is a breeze. The system uses wedges that are inserted in spacers that make every piece flush with one another, again taking out the painstaking task of leveling each piece as you go.

Behind the tile is the most important part of any tile project, and that is the waterproofing. Never, ever, ever, install tile without some sort of water proofing behind it. Even if you have perfect grout lines and have caulked every possible seam, it's imperative that the substrate is water proofed. We use a which includes water resistant fabric that is folded to cover every seam. After the fabric is applied, we water proof the shower entirely with a water proofing paint or sealant. When done properly it creates an impenetrable wall that no water can escape through.

With all the work that goes into tiling, between the waterproofing and leveling, you can safely say that a good tile job could cost around $12 a square foot. So a typical shower enclosure is around 80 square feet, so you're looking at $960 for the tile work and more if you add a wall niche or use some intricate mosaics. And then of course, you have the cost of the tile itself, ranging form $1 to $20 a square foot. You can see why it is important to pay for quality work because you do not want mold in your walls or cracking tiles! Remember that for all your bathroom remodeling St Louis Renovators is here to help. Feel free to ask us questions on our Instagram and Facebook Pages!

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