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How do you install chair rail moulding?

Updated: Mar 31, 2018

For projects that involve custom woodwork St Louis Renovators can help guide you through the process! Below we discuss custom moulding:

When installing chair rail moulding and panel moulding, there are a few things to remember: 1. Preparation, 2. Planning, 3. Product, 4. Painting. Let's dive into it shall we:

1. Preparation is the first step of the chair rail installation. The walls must be sanded smooth, any holes filled, any wallpaper removed, thus making sure you have a flat blank surface to work with. This will save you any headaches down the road when installing custom chair rail moulding.

2. Planning, this is the second and most important step of the installation. In this phase, you'll need to lay out the design and spacing of the chair rail moudlling. Make it level! Are there electric outlets on the wall? Will they be in the way of one of your moulding? These are questions you'll need to answer before you start nailing the trim to the wall. Spacing is equally important in this phase, determine the height you are striving for and space accordingly.

3. Product, no right or wrong answer here. MDF, or medium density fiber board, is a strong contender for an ultra smooth finish if you are deciding to paint your chair rail. Especially if you are going to have a recessed panel look for your panel moulding. It's easy to sand and affordable and can yield the cleanest look. Wood is fine as well, stronger in some cases but will also expand and contract. All things to consider when doing your next panel moulding job.

4. Painting, the last thing on our list to consider, is pivotal for a good looking finished product. I highly recommend a good brand of paint, Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore, and also you want a higher gloss for the panel moulding and/or chair rail stand out. You can brush finish the chair rail, but for the best result, spraying the paint on is ideal.

Chair rail and Panel Moulding can morph a room into something special and it doesn't break the bank! Hopefully these tips give you the knowledge needed to start your next panel project! Remember that for custom moulding St Louis Renovators is here to help guide you through the process.

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