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DIY Project: Toilet Replacement

People are always looking for an affordable bathroom remodel, and affordable is a not always the best solution for home improvement projects. Luckily with a little sweat equity, you can make some minor changes to your own bathroom that will modernize it! So follow these few easy steps for the DIY toilet replacement to save a little cash for the next big project! If you're not interested in tackling this yourself, look no further! St Louis Renovators is the top St Louis Mo Bathroom Renovator you can find!

  1. First, you'll need to go and pick out the perfect new toilet that fits your style and budget. You can always follow St Louis Renovators and find out cool designs on Houzz. Believe it or not, toilets can have some style and modern designs! Kohler, while a little more pricey, has a wonderful line of toilets ranging in price and design. The good thing being, they also have comparable vanities, fixtures, and lights that match the style of the toilet. This makes designing your bathroom remodel a breeze! But maybe you don't care about redesigning your entire bathroom? Well another option would be American Standard's line of toilets, they are affordable, easy to install, and can be bought at any major home supply store.

  2. Next, once you've picked out the toilet of your dreams, and it is assembled as per the manufacturer's directions, you'll need to uninstall the old toilet. Here are some tools you will need for the job: expandable wrench, hacksaw, razor blade, gloves, small cup or shop vac, toilet flange, wax ring with screws, Silicone Caulk and caulk gun, and a screwdriver depending on what style toilet seat you have.

  3. Now that you have the tools and new toilet, its time to rip out that nasty old throne. First, shut the water supply off, its almost always located behind the commode. Then, you might have to cut the caulk bead around the base of the toilet. This will keep the toilet from releasing from the floor if you don't cut it away. Next, on either side of the base of the toilet are some caps, these can pop off with some pressure or a screwdriver if need be, simply pry underneath them and pop them off to expose the nuts and bolts that hold the base in. Once you've found the nuts, unscrew them. You'll then need to unhook the water supply from the toilet, this is as simple as unscrewing the nut where it meets the tank of the toilet.

  4. Now that everything is unscrewed, you are ready to lift the toilet up and off the flange. These are where those gloves come in handy, put them on because some toilets are nastier than others....but before you start yanking away at it like the Hulk, notice all the water in the bowl and tank of the toilet, you'll want to flush the toilet and then use the small cup or shop vac to get the remaining water out of the bowl, otherwise you'll be spilling water everywhere as you move the toilet to a safe location.

  5. Now that the water is mostly gone, you can remove the toilet. Once the toilet os gone, notice the wax ring that is left on the flange, you'll want to remove the old wax ring and clean the flange as best as you can. notice the screws sticking out of the flange, leave them alone, if they appear to be in good shape. Next, you'll want to place a new wax ring on the flange. Some toilets come with a wax ring, but I like buying a jumbo wax ring just in case. It is imperative that the wax ring has a proper seal to the base of the toilet. Gently set the toilet down on the ring aligning the screws so they pass through the holes on either side of the toilet.

  6. Once the toilet is secured to the wax ring and appears to have a good seal, you can screw the nuts down being careful not to over tighten them. You may have to cut the screws down with a hacksaw for the new caps to fit on properly. After that, you'll need to use a bathroom grade silicone to seal the toilet down to the floor. Then you can reinstall the water supply line and turn it back on once you know its on tightly enough. Check for any leaks and if there are none, then you have done a good job! You earned that cocktail!

See! Nothing to it, you'll be sitting high on your new throne in no time with these easy to follow steps. If you start this project and find you've bitten off more than you can chew, you know where contact us, the best St Louis Mo Bathroom Renovator! Stay tuned for the next DIY project! #DIY #weekend #bathroomrenovation #bathroom #style #design #remodel #remodeling #remodeler #HGTV

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