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DIY Project: The Painted Room

Updated: Mar 23, 2018

This weekend, or whenever you plan on tackling a DIY (Do It Yourself) paint job, remember these tips and tricks in order to have the best looking paint job possible:

  1. Paint: To accomplish the best looking finish, it needs to start with the best possible paint. For me, Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore is the top of the line. I would avoid Valspar at all costs, it doesn't coat well at all, and is at times doesn't touch up. Behr is ok in a pinch, but for reasons similar to Valspar, I would recommend spending the extra money for a good quality paint.

  2. Brush: Obviously if you're going to be painting, chances are you need a brush. Again, I recommend spending a little more and opting for a superior brush. Purdy makes a decent brush, and for cutting in paint in the corners, I recommend the 2.5" or the 2". Don't buy a cheap brush otherwise you'll be picking the hairs off the wall all weekend.

  3. Rollers and Covers: A good roller and a cover is what you'll need to apply the most paint on the walls. The trick is getting the excess off the roller after you roll it in the pan, then roll the paint on the wall making sure to not leave any drips. After a few rolls, you'll be a natural in no time.

  4. Blue Tape: You may need a roll or two of blue tape to tape off any sharp angles for instance like around the ceiling or around a window.

  5. Paint Colors: Another trick would be to pick some colors that designers have come up with. Both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore carry a long list of designer colors. Some of my favorites include Stone Hearth and Cobblestone, both are a Sherwin Williams product.

Hopefully these tips help you transform any room in your house in need of some new paint.

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